• #SmartyTempy

    Temperature and humidity right-now?

  • #SmartyTempy

    Dew point and if it's raining right-now?

  • #SmartyTempy

    It's not weather forecast! It's weather in real-time!

About Us

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What's #SmartyTempy?

IoT+AI for temperature and related infos.

Crazy for bots? Make them work for your city.

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Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.


Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.

Dew point

Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.

Is it raining?

Ask #SmartyTempy chatbot.

How to

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The app

A unique chatbot that brings data (powered by AI - Artificial Intelligence) gathered by stations (powered by IoT - Internet of Things).

The locations

Currently, there are stations across the USA (from Silicon Valley to New York), and in Brazil (Sao Paulo).

Host a station

Wanna host a station in your area? Contact us.

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Wanna host a station in your area? Wanna use our Open Data? Contact us.

1st IoT+AI brazilian project acclaimed by global experts and opinion leaders.
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Avaliable channels

USA (from Silicon Valley to New York)

Brazil (Sao Paulo)

... and more soon.

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